Within The Nature’s Show

The location is fascinating and the villa has been well finished in each detail, its historical authenticity has come to light, without neglecting a marked personalization, studied upon the lifestyle of our client.

Art and History

The light is the element creating neutrality and volumes all the while, well able to reflect the space and to amplify it. Cocò sofa is harmonically displayed in the living area, offering a superb relax and conversation point for our clients.

Savouring a hot coffee when the sun rises: a window glass

is enshrouded with enchanted visions.

Historically, the bow-windows originated in the architecture of the romanic and gothic wooden houses of central Europe, for the practical opportunity to enlarge the lighting surface for the rooms; today, we re-propose it as an exceptional point of contact with the outside park.

Seduction in
Among Silk and Volutes

From its original construction, the bedroom presents a very high ceiling, which required a bed with a strong vertical impact. So we decided to study and realize a large posted bed which, while blending perfectly with the Villa style, will harmoniously balance the imposing space of the room.

The art of attire

“My wife and I love the Italian tailoring and the fashion. Our work compels us to be impeccable, so we needed an impressive walk-in closet, able to accommodate many clothes and accessories, living to each one freedom to organize the one’s own space”.

Italian Magic…