Custom made for your design

Custom made for your design


We design projects with the outmost respect of those who entrust their vision to us.

Projects are like people: they evolve, reflect, change.
Of course they do. All the time! But this is good.
It allows us to reinforce the hardest ability of all: listening.
The client is our most important project, and listening to him is our job.”

Mattia, Interior Designer, Bruno Zampa

Today, luxury means expecting custom-made solutions rather than standard ones.

Despite our extremely broad product range, our 15.950 combinations of materials and finishes, and the 2,650 pieces crafted each year, 43% of our production is customized. For even more personalized service, we offer a turnkey project team.

The appointed project manager will be the only interface that clients need to deal with.

To simplify the listening and management of your vision, we appoint a specific project manager to follow you throughout the entire process of your project. In this way, we will be able to follow each step effectively, form design to on-site installation.

Luxury cannot be told

You have to touch it, smell it and feel it.
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Bruno Zampa
Bruno Zampa