Custom made for your design

Custom made for your design


We design respecting those who entrust us with their vision.

Projects are like people: they evolve, reflect, change!
This allows us to develop the most difficult service: listening.
The customer is our project, listening to him is our work”
Mattia, Designer Bruno Zampa

Today luxury means requiring custom-made solutions and not standard ones.

Despite our product range is very deep and with 15.950 combinations in materials and finishing’s,
despite the 2.650 pieces crafted each year,
43% of our overall production is customized. To go even further, we offer a turnkey project team.

That's why Bruno Zampa grants

  • Budget safe approach
  • Focus on custom made projects
  • Company credibility, unchanged ownership since 1960
  • Clever solutions for “impossible” requests
  • Reliability beyond legal warranty

The appointed project manager will be the only interface to deal with.

To simplify the listening and management of your vision, we appoint a specific project manager to follow you in the entire journey of your project.
In the way, we will be able to follow effectively all the steps of the process, form the design to the installation on site.

Bruno Zampa is focused on custom made solutions

  • Extended product range, with 15,950 combinations in materials and finishing
  • 43% of our overall production is customized and not in the standard range
  • Our creative and technical staff is at customer’s disposal to customize products and projects
  • The appointed Project Manager will be the only interface to deal with

Experience the craftsmanship: come to the Verona Hub

Luxury cannot be told

You have to touch it, smell it and feel it. Don’t try to imagine it. Come to the Verona Hub to experience Luxury craftsmanship at work. And if you have time… you can even craft
your own experience!

Bruno Zampa
Bruno Zampa