Come to our Verona HUB

Come to our Verona HUB


To understand the real luxury craftsmanship,

the best way is experience it.

In our 15.000 sqm HUB,

you will see with your own eyes

real craftsmen at work

and visit our 4 production units:

joinery, tailoring, upholstery, polishing.

In our Gallery you will experience the feel of real luxury

In the sleek modern structure of our 1.025 sqm Gallery,
we welcome our customers in an intimate and exclusive space. The 15 projects set up are representative of  Bruno Zampa’s ability to imagine and create different concepts while maintaining the brand’s inimitable style. Come into our world, come touch and see every one of our pieces.

Where new ideas flow, taking inspiration

  • The HUB is also the place where you can meet our project team, exchange opinions and thoughts about the projects. Refined fabrics, leather, precious marbles, special decorations. We leverage our expertise in fabrics and finishes to offer our customers an entire floor dedicated to the world of materials, with 15,950 possible combinations.

Take a walk
in our Gallery

Luxury cannot be told

  • You have to touch it, smell it and feel it.
    Come to our Verona HUB
Bruno Zampa
Bruno Zampa