Verona craftsmanship

Verona craftsmanship


Luxury is crafted, not made.

We believe that the creation of a luxury piece

exceeds its material value.
Each single piece is effectively crafted

with heart, mind and capability.
For us, the only real luxury is

when there is an artisan that crafts it.

Different touch.

Different from all others.

Craftsmen touch is, by definition, personal and authentic.
Ability, experience and capability are unique and are passed on through centuries. Craftsmanship arises in the mind and come to life in the gestures and the touch.

Thriving on Verona Heritage

In a changing society, keeping a fixed point
make a difference.
We have given a home to our artisan talent.
This is the case of our craftsmanship,
based for 59 yearsin the city of Verona.
Verona has centuries of tradition in furniture manufacturing for northern Italian dukes and lords.

Only authentic Verona artisans

In 4 production units we concentrate our centers of excellence. We use only our craftsmanship working in our Verona plants, this allows us to have
an exclusive type of luxury and the possibility of custom-made furniture.

Luxury cannot be told

  • You have to touch it, smell it and feel it.
    Come to our Verona HUB

Experience the craftsmanship: come to the Verona Hub

Luxury cannot be told

You have to touch it, smell it and feel it. Don’t try to imagine it. Come to the Verona Hub to experience Luxury craftsmanship at work. And if you have time… you can even craft
your own experience!

Bruno Zampa
Bruno Zampa