Capturing oriental flowers grace

Finest materials are assembled with great care by expert hands, creating truly extraordinary inlying works. The exclusive Bruno Zampa decoration is a new take on the stunning Kintsugi art, which means “to repair with gold”: here, small pieces of fine material fit together perfectly, crating stunning decorative effect which feels surprisingly real.

In Kintsugi peach blossom inlay decoration, peach blossom petals in precious mother-of-pearl are inlaid with gold and fine woods. Each single tiny piece is shaped and assembled by hand, through small tools and pliers, which allow a precise insertion and fixing. Only craftsman’s experience and accuracy can realize a perfect result, in which artisan excellence emerges.
And so peach branches can embellish interior and furnishing elements, capturing oriental flowers innate grace and recreating the sensation of the petals transported by the wind, caressed by a light and constant breeze.

Watch the video of our timeless craftsmanship