Sitting Room 29 MD 3

Close-up on the new collection

Bruno Zampa want to highlight its vision in the contemporary furniture luxury world.

Experimenting different craftsmen techniques and searching new materials, Bruno Zampa wants to offer new decoration visions. The perfect fusion of art and technique enhances artworks, giving them depth and new light. A new way to enrich furnishings, according to Bruno Zampa style and attitude.

A new ambitious interpretation of decoration

We believe that the creation of a luxury piece exceeds its material value.” – said Andrea Zampa, CEO of Bruno Zampa – “Each single piece is effectively crafted with heart, mind and capability. For Bruno Zampa, the only real luxury is when there is an artisan that crafts it.”

Download Milano 2019 collection

Reinterpretation of the extraordinary technique Kintsugi, the oriental art of “repairing with gold”. The use of inlay techniques with refined essences, precious materials and metals allows the creation of exclusive decorations.