DUBAI hotel lounge

DUBAI hotel lounge


“The Evolution of Dubai”

Dubai is two cities, two different faces, one bound to the tradition and the other permeated with innovation. A city half arabic and half cosmopolite, that could not exist without remembering her own roots.

We operated on this project trying not to fall into the excess. This city lives out of exaggerations: precious materials, heights never achieved elsewhere, enormous proportions. For this reason we concentrated on the balance between the materials excellence and the neatness of the lines, creating a distinguished style, as required by our client.

“The Guest before all”

Each centimeter of the wall have been specifically studied on drawing, so to create an harmonious contiguity and to give a substantial tone to the high partitions, covered with integrated mirrors.

As indispensable as it is in the great metropolitan hotels, the area dedicated to the bar service is very important. The recalling to the classicality is traceable on the capitonnè and on the large bulging coversection.

Metropolitan Café

The living areas arrangement allow us to provide our guests with intimate and yet airy spaces. With this solution we accommodate discretion and comfort, allowing everyone to enjoy the brilliance of an extended and lustrous space.

The irrinunciabile pleasure of a drink…