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Bruno Zampa

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The Hub

moving ideas

The HUB is a dynamic instrument, a connection point where the information merge, evolve and leave again to create new projects.

Here is the first Interior Design Workshop Studio, a real mind incubator, where the most visionary souls and the avant-garde technologies are free to move into, to subvert and to create. The HUB proposes itself as a natural ecosystem for resources and inspirations, where the most interesting variety of ideas are coexisting and evolving.


The HUB lives projected toward tomorrow, as the exchange of visions and the communication will always generate new concepts and solutions.

Take a walk in our showroom

Here we nurture our relationship with the customer, to be absolutely intimate and exclusive. In the new showroom, the client will be able to literally "immerse" into the Bruno Zampa World and to see with his own eyes the development of his concept of the living. He will not find an already packaged proposal, but rather the opportunity to discuss his décor perception and to present his desires, to see then become real.

Welcome in a new showroom concept. Where there is no window, no barrier, between man and décor. Here one can enter, try, live.

Where new ideas flow

The HUB wants to meet professionals to exchange opinions and thoughts about their projects.

Experts from the different branches of the engineering may meet and discuss to create a perfect combination. A multidisciplinary engineering team, cohesive and ready to take on challenges, may give live to solutions that can be absolutely innovative.


The structure allows to move fluently between difference locations, alternating formal and less formal areas, so to naturally attend the meetings of professionals. The lack of constraints helps the formation on new long lasting empathies and collaborations.

From the one-to-one consultancy moments, to the new instrument's workshops, there will be many occasions to get in touch with all the active positions in the décor and design, coming from all around the world. Italy, Russia, China, Arab Emirats, USA, a great chance of meeting, a décor and engineering melting pot.