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Bruno Zampa

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A global vision

Project design

Bruno Zampa Style is unique and emerges through every project, in each decor proposal, in the fabric selection and in the lines, in the nuances and material matching.

A global vision, a talent to think in an total and absolute way, that is hidden behind every choice.

In this way, dreams about living exclusively, may come true, either inspired by the majestic precepts of classicality, or by looking ahead to the future trends.

How we do it

Bruno Zampa: a planning and manufacturing firm.

Design and production blend into the inclination toward the creative experimentation, in the constant research for the materials, in the excellence of the artisanal processes and in the uniqueness of the style.


All the productive steps take place in the company productive site. Each stage is completed by skilled woodworkers and every single piece undergoes to strict inspections before moving on to the next step.

The selection of wood essences and all the productive steps are completed with care by expert personnel, with an exceptional technical precision.

Minute precision, manual skill: the gold leaf application is carried out by specialists that treat the furniture like a real jewel.

The Upholstery is one of the main assets of the company, taking pride of specialists in the field, constantly updated on the market proposals and with a great ability in the fabric's selection and in the processing.