Eternal Traces project

Eternal Traces project


Set amidst nature, just outside Saint Petersburg, the villa is characterised by outstanding dynamics, enhanced in architectural terms by different levels, large spaces, more secluded areas, vertical extensions and variable lighting effects. From the moment they walk through the threshold of the villa, guests undergo a surprising sensory experience, expressed strongly by the combination of numerous contrasts: dry and humid, warm and cold, light and dark, geometry and nature.

The charm of craftsmanship and the magic of golden dust

Masterfully shaped metal is the material that prevails, creating the whole, which, in the nuances of gold and titanium, decorates and perfects, generating surprising tactile effects and sensations of three-dimensional depth.


A living area featuring elements with soft lines and harmonious proportions, reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary key, as a combination of taste and creativity.

In the dining room, the Petrus table, with the warm and enveloping colours of Wengé wood and bronze-coloured marble, is matched with elegant Caprice chairs. The fully decorated floor-ceiling panelling fills the room with the seductive atmosphere of autumnal foliage.

Malevich nature decoration

is created using special metal alloys, hand-moulded by our craftsmen, to reproduce natural beauty. The texture of the leaves, rich in veins and details, is embellished by golden dust brushed on to emphasise every tiny detail.


Leather, skilfully quilted with patterns and textures, characterises the sleeping area and accompanies the golden nuances of the metallic details. Behind the sophisticated lines of the Cleo bed, the Malavich gold kenzia decoration moulds the sinuous curved fronds, sustained by long stems, of the natural element.


Elegance and light are the two special features of the office, creating an intimate, formal atmosphere. In the sophisticated design of the bookcase, with fireplace and shelves, made to measure, the lighting study has been conceived to enhance the light and shade of the decorations, making the most of the nuances and shimmer.

A wine room that conveys value to its passions, where tasting an excellent wine is a unique and unforgettable moment.

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