Flowing Lines project

Flowing Lines project


A project that represents the most distinctive and authentic side of Bruno Zampa brand, characterised by a romantic yet contemporary style interspersed with luxurious detailing and flashes of gold. Looking out over peerless panoramic views of San Francisco Bay, the villa is heavily influenced by the art and culture heritage of the Orient, which shines through in the architecture, colour and styling of the interiors.

The undisputed star of the show is the wonderful craftsmanship on display, most notably through the ancient technique of inlaying.

In order to create the Kintsugi decorations, the finest materials have been assembled with great care by expert hands, creating truly extraordinary works which pay tribute to the ancient Oriental art.

Oriental Flowers

The star of the luminous living room, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, is a wall completely covered with the Kintsugi peach blossom inlay decoration, whose petals seem to float over the underlying sitting area.


Moving into the dining room, the bespoke system of wooden shelving units with glossy lacquered finish, with the rear panels in embroidered leather, elegantly creates a semi-circular space, which feels both secluded and cosy.

The beauty of a delicate flight

In the bedroom, the elegant shaping of the furniture is counterbalanced with pale and almost impalpable tones which give the space an ethereal feel. At the sides of Kimberly dressing table, the romantic Kintsugi butterfly inlay decoration symbolizes the propitiatory beauty of a delicate flight.

Casting reflections

Shadows and colours

The running theme of peach blossom appears again in the office, which draws on a range of deep and contrasting colours to underpin the sense of formality that pervades the space.

The Home Cinema is a taylor made design where every single element has been carefully calibrated, down to the smallest of details, in order to create an exclusive, balanced and practical entertainment space.

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