Hole in One project

Hole in One project


Nature, earthy tones and oriental hints. These are the recurring traits of Hole in One, Bruno Zampa brand new project, characterized by a fresh and diverse vision of modernism, that seeks to foster a closer connection between architecture and nature.

Set in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the villa is conceived as a continuum with the immediate lush vegetation, a continuum that is both physical and symbolic.

The charm of craftsmanship and the magic of Everglades Resina. 

It all sprang from a childhood memory and the familiar environment of a bed of reeds.

This was the inspiration for the beautiful bamboo reed decoration that embellishes the panels and furnishings in the living area.

Living area

The living area perfectly recalls this concept thanks to the special Everglades Panel Decoration, with its ocher tones and the beautiful contrast between dark brown and glittering gold. The splendid glasswall allows to maximize the effects of natural light and to create a spot where interior and exterior visually merge together, almost becoming one.

The living area introduces another centerpiece, the Bubble Table Set, an exclusive creation specifically designed to be presented at Salone del Mobile Milano.                      Conveying movement and sinuosity, it immediately stands out thanks to the captivating contrast with the surrounding furniture.


“Elements, motifs, structures, and ordering principles, tend to repeat themselves throughout the environments, making them more holistic and intentional”.

The Everglades paneling comes back as the main protagonist in the dining area, and thanks to the remarkable perspective drawing, it donates an incredible sense of depth to the entire room.  The modern lines of the Ariston Dining Chairs are combined with the minimal structure of the Gillon Table which matches the modernism of a plain metal structure with the warmer tones of the Canaletto Walnut Top

The area becomes perfect synthesis between luxury and thoughtful refinement.

The insertion of our Venus Display Cabinets in Canaletto Walnut puts the final touch, combining functionality with refinement and fully harmonizing with the surrounding atmosphere.

Malevich nature decoration

is created using special metal alloys, hand-moulded by our craftsmen, to reproduce natural beauty. The texture of the leaves, rich in veins and details, is embellished by golden dust brushed on to emphasise every tiny detail.

Dining room

The special galaxy decoration create a timeless elegance within the dining room with decorative panelling that transform spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

Kitchen Area 

A further highlight of the project is beyond doubt the Kitchen, where the spots of artificial and natural light are masterfully combined to create a strategically illuminated environment.

Here the beautiful marbles  play a central part in recalling once again that earthy hues characterizing the entire project.