How to create your comfortable living areas, making the most of staying at home

How to create your comfortable living areas, making the most of staying at home


What we are experiencing all over the world is a special and uncommon time, which requires a sense of responsibility from all of us. We are asked for the effort to stay at home as much as possible, to give up parties or special events. When we live in a situation that we cannot change, we have two ways to go: live it passively by mulling over the limits and negative aspects, or look for the small opportunities that can be arise. Staying at home can make you rediscover new pleasures and new ways to relax your mind.  A romantic dinner, an after dinner with friends, a quiet reading of a good book. In the living areas of your home you can experience moments of absolute relaxation, for this reason it is necessary to furnish and equip them to ensure maximum functionality and modern comfort. The pleasure of staying at home will thus become a must.

Contemporary living room always mean relax. Light colour shades and silky decorative textiles can help to create a comfortable and peaceful feeling. To increase this pleasant wraparound sensation, you can use for example panelling covered with soft fabric. For a more exclusive look, it is possible to match brilliant or metallic lacquered finished in gold and bronze colour, able to further illuminate pieces of furniture. Natural light is an essential element. For this reason, the best solution is to prefer, where possible, large and wide windows. All these tips emerge in the two different living rooms shown in the article. Although they have different styles, they transmit the same sensations: relax and comfort.

A relaxing feeling

The conventional sofas composition has to combine comfort and space requirement. The space has to be designed to accommodate family and friends in a convivial area where everyone can enjoy relaxing surroundings. The living room can be completed by small sitting areas with armchairs, dedicated to more intimate conversations. In the first living room we show below, pieces of furniture recall a classic and sober style. Fly sofa has a rounded hand-carved base and a harmonious design covered with a shiny and soft textile. The two King armchairs are characterized by classic handmade metal feet and quilted backrest finished with buttons. Their square and light design makes them perfect for small sitting areas. The second living has a more contemporary furniture. Bauhaus armchairs give the room an original and luxury look. Also available in sofa version, the item is characterized by the iconic hand-carved decoration on the profile and on the outer part, whose lacquering is customizable according to the project. The perfectly matched Otto table and Cocò sofa complete the area.

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Having fun

What’s better than relaxing while sipping your favourite drink in the comfort of your own home? Providing a small bar area where to store good wine, fine spirits and everything necessary for the preparation of a good cocktail helps to create real moments of pleasure, without too much regretting the social life of night clubs. In addition to a specific product range, which includes counters, stools and tables for bar area, Bruno Zampa offers a personalized design studio for these specific areas, which often require a custom-made realization. In addition to the classic bar corners, a must-have are the the play areas. For game enthusiasts it’s a must have, but also less-experienced people can choose to insert a pool table in their living area. It can be considered a real iconic design element, customizable according to the interior style and colors. It will therefore become pleasant for everyone to spend few hours of leisure around the table with relatives and friends.

Making a space feel cosy is about appealing to all the senses, not just how a room might look. You need to think about scent, touch and sound, so that everything comes together to create a homely ambience conducive to relaxing and unwinding. Get it right and you’ll create your very own sanctuary that you can’t wait to spend time in.