LONDON apartment

LONDON apartment


“Where the Thames flows”

Extraordinarily metropolitan, surprisingly elegant.

It is here where the most extravagant fashion and tendencies are born.

Thanks to the strength of its creativity, in sharp contrast with tradition, London could be defined the city of tomorrow.

Contrasting colors

White, gold and black are chasing from a location to the other, gliding softly from contiguous rooms, separated only by sliding doors.

“The final aim is what the client desires, emotionally. To transform a desire into reality is our big challenge.”

The refined corner with city view enjoyable from Fly armchairs.  Fly side table completes the setting.

Savouring life, sipping its essence with friends

The living area has been studied to enjoy extended full-size windows. Traits of contemporary and evocations of the sharp-corneredlines of a masculine design are recalled in the black profiles.

The dining area and the kitchen area are conceived as a one unique ambiance. In the room the big Manhattan table can be easily recognized, together with Greta chairs and armchairs, a vast hidden kitchen and an exquisite tasting area.

“The Kitchen is outstanding. I wanted a space to fully live, and so it happened. Here I can cook, experiment, but in an instant I can completely knock off, to retire in a swell tasting corner, where my wine cellar offers rare wines, to savour on my own,or accompanied, accordingly to the moment.”

The desk is produced upon a customized design, as the integrated cabinet on the back. The glyphs recurrent theme accompanies the décor in the office dedicated area. The Stan table is accompanied by Aurora armchairs, maintaining softened color tones.

A Londoner Night’s Dream

The room was designed to propose a considerable liveability. The private living area counterbalances the actual bedroom, dwindling the boundaries between daytime and nocturnal, and again between daylight and night, white and black, gold and mother-of-pearl.

The Madison Bed is displayed in a sheltered part of the ambiance, an intimate alcove, invisible even with open doors. The Walk-in closet echoes the nautical style of the bedroom. White and black emerge from the décor and, from the light carpet, the two armchairs stand out as islands. It is worth noticing the detail of the customized handles.

“White and Black, the two sides of my soul and my home.”