A Delightful night, enjoying a relaxing experience in ZB luxury wine-tasting room

A Delightful night, enjoying a relaxing experience in ZB luxury wine-tasting room


The pleasure of staying at home, indulging into new moments of pleasure, with a room dedicated to wine tasting.

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Throughout the world, what we have so far experienced has been a very special situation.

This is a period full of difficulties in keeping alive all our long time relationships, impacted by the social distancing created by the pandemic situation. In all these months we found ourselves having to give up all those moments full of emotions and the time shared with the people closest to us; from a simple aperitif to a dinner in one of our favourite restaurants. So to make up for all this, we recreated the same situations inside our homes, creating solutions of absolute relaxation and serenity. Now the pleasure of staying at home has become something of irreducible. In times like these, we must appreciate any small thing to avoid living this moment in a negative way.

In our collection we find a perfectly tasting room, as the perfect space to relax in a comfortable temperature, enjoying wine and appetizers, spoilt by the scenery of the expertly crafted wine cellar.

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The wine room interior design has combined modern trends, high technologies and state of the art  comfort, in order to provide guests the richest wine tasting experience. The interior exudes an aura of calm sophistication. It incorporates clean lines and modern material like glass, stainless steel, lacquered finishes and modern decorations; all reflecting an  modern and sleeker look. The dark wenge wood floor warms up the atmosphere, recalling a typical aged wood rustic feel. The bottles are dynamically positioned in custom-made glass cellars aligned around the room. The Glass creates a visually appealing presence and allows full visibility of the entire wine collection. A dedicated space is also dedicated to the cigar humidor, built into a timber battens wooden wall.

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Wine Cigar Room Camera 02

In the centre of the room, Ipazia armchairs in grey leather and Oliver central table with marble top make up a comfortable and wide lounge area. An original custom-made designed bar counter with marble top and timber battens wooden base, together with the Ophelia stools, make a second and more informal tasting area. Along the walls, between backlighting and transparencies, the Moon decoration surrounded and brings the room to life, creating a texturally interesting element. From the moment they sit down, tasting the first wine sip, guests undergo a relaxing experience in a luxury but cosy atmosphere where every single one of the senses is rewarded.

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