In our upholstery unit, every single detail oozes Bruno Zampa quality

In our upholstery unit, every single detail oozes Bruno Zampa quality


In Bruno Zampa upholstery unit, every product detail is crafted using heart, mind and manual skills.

Tracing production steps of BAUHAUS sofa, we realize how quality emerges in each process and in every smallest detail finishing. Fabric cutting, seams making, sofa coating, decoration application. Even every single button is carefully handcrafted. Several manual steps create an extraordinary artisan process, which leads to our masterpiece realization.

With its linear design, BAUHAUS sofa has an exclusive outer body wooden structure, hand carved and decorated. The refined backrest in elegantly quilted with buttons. Textiles and finishes are customizable according to the concept style. BAUHAUS is available in sofa and armchair version.

In the heart of Dubai, in the luxury hotel lounge entirely designed by Bruno Zampa, BAUHAUS sofa is placed in a majestic context. Its harmonious shapes are enriched by bright fabrics and contrasting finishes, which gives to the sofa a luxurious and original look. The result is a perfectly balanced interior design project, in which the stately architecture and material richness meet balanced and refined furnishing elements.

Exclusive projects can be realized with an authentic and rigorous artisan process only. In Bruno Zampa our Artisans daily work together to achieve these goals and craft the real luxury.

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