NEW YORK penthouse

NEW YORK penthouse



“My World View”

There is no other city to be compared to New York.

A two floors attic in one of the most admired buildings in Manhattan, a penthouse between the 89th and 90th floor. Over 400 square meters of newly constructed space, a fascinating project that required passion and dedication.

Details say who you are

“I did not want some elements of my home to become marginal, everything had to be perfectly well finished, and so it happened. I found in Bruno Zampa’s working method the competence I wanted”.

The two Club armchairs are inserted in the context, creating a style deflection over the metropolitan panorama.

It is the triumph of the marble, of the embracing seats, of the naturally precious materials and shimmering draperies.

In the dining area, stands the successful combination between Greta chairs and the imposing Metropolis Table. The lamp with crossed circles, custom designed, reflects in the light the style of the entire hall.

The bar cabinet is integrated into the fitted wall and represents the connection element between the representative location and the conversation ambiance, it’s the conviviality dedicated area.


Living area has been studied to take advantage of extended full-size windows. Piece of furniture are covered with bright and refined textures, lacquered with brilliant finishing; soft and clear panelling defines boundaries, creating an elegant and warm atmosphere in front of the impressive New York skyline panorama.

The wall is covered in onyx and leather, King armchairs around the custom-designed billiard table create a sophisticated play corner.

Absorbed in the light

Over the sky

The bedroom had been willingly collocated on the top of the apartment, to be crowned with an ample window, screened only by a decorative fireplace.


“Observing the panorama, immersed in the soft bubbles, surrounded by the perfume of the incense and the candles lit around the bath tub… there is no other sweeter moment in my whole day”.