Our Legend-ary Seats

Our Legend-ary Seats


Find yours perfect seat in the Bruno Zampa collection

Frank Lloyd Wright once stated that form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.

“If we had to think about an object that more than any other epitomizes this concept, the first one popping into our minds would probably be the seat. Be it a minimal chair or a sumptuous throne-like armchair, the seat represents the perfect union between  form and function.”

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Recent proof of the huge consideration reserved to this particular design element was the dedicated exhibit  Take your seat presented  at Supersalone 2021 in Milan, which tried to narrate the evolution of our society through an object considered icon par excellence of the Italian and international design.

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Following this tide, it is our pleasure to turn the spotlights on our own collection of chairs and armchairs, and in particular to present some of our most iconic pieces.

–  Legend Armchair

A good way to start is by introducing the LEGEND Armchair of our successful Remington collection, which takes  its inspiration from  the Art Deco design movement, particularly in vogue during the ‘20s and ‘30s and characterized by sleek geometric or stylized forms and by the use of man-made materials. Made of solid wood, with brass decorated beechwood front legs and quilted backrest, it finds in the corset decoration that characterized the outer body, its distinctive feature.

–  Ipazia Armchair

Another iconic piece is the IPAZIA armchair included also within our project Eternal Traces , with its smooth and captivating lines that combine design and absolute comfort.  In accordance with Bruno Zampa highest standards the armchair presents a solid wood frame and beechwood base with carefully quilted outer body and backrest that the client has the possibility to customize by choosing among a wide selection of the finest fabrics and leathers.


–  Ardea Armchair

Last but not least , the ARDEA armchair , another successful piece included also within our project “Flowing Lines” and characterized by the contemporary lines of its metal frame.  The Ardea represents the ideal  piece for those who desire to combine a romantic and refined style, deriving from the luxurious detailing and flashes of gold, with a more contemporary one

Custom made approach

Bruno Zampa offers a design team composed by experienced interior designers and technicians, that are able to support you in every single project phase, from the conception to the on-site installation. During the very first steps, the interior designer’s creative skills are at your complete disposal as we consider the listening to the customer’s requests the most important moment of the entire process. Which are his expectations? Which the desires? Which the needs? Our main goal is to realize some proposals that might fully reflect your aspirations, or if necessary that might help you to figure them out.

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We use our knowledge of fabrics and finishes to offer the customer a wide range of samples. Our skilled interior designers are the best support the customers might have when it comes to finding the perfect combinations, always in harmony with Bruno Zampa’s exclusive style.

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This design services and the strong customer-oriented approach, allow Bruno Zampa to increase its ability in managing and customizing worldwide complex projects, positioning as a fully specialized brand in luxury furniture and interior concepts.

Our collection is wide and diverse and gives every client the possibility of figuring out the perfect solution, with the assurance of finding a creation of the utmost quality.

See Bruno Zampa’s entire collection.