Sleeping Tips for a relaxing night experience in ZB luxury bedroom

Sleeping Tips for a relaxing night experience in ZB luxury bedroom


Some evidence based tips to sleep better at night

If there’s one thing many people have in common, it is definitely the difficulty to sleep and to enjoy the benefits of the hours of rest. This problem might be due to a number of bad habits and might cause serious repercussion at a psycophysical level, leading in the long term to premature aging and to dangerous health issues. Conversely, those who take better care of their sleeping quality, turn out to be less prone to illnesses and to enjoy an overall wellbeing.


Here are some evidence-based tips to sleep better at night and to take advantage of our precious resting hours:

Stick to a sleep routine

A recent Sleep Council’s research has shown that those people who don’t follow a constant sleeping schedule, tend to have trouble falling asleep or may wake up frequently during the night. Speaking of figures, it has emerged that 19% of these people suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders, and the same appears to be true for those who go to sleep after midnight. Therefore, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day together with trying to limit the difference in your sleep schedule is already a good start.

Prefer a bigger bed

Tests conducted in 2020 by Ice Ergonomics demonstrate that those who have the possibility of sleeping on a big size bed, benefit from a high-quality sleep. More specifically, the ideal bed size seems to be the one that allows to lay comfortably and to bring the arms at the head without touching the possible partner. Finally it should be at least 10-15 cm longer than the person sleeping on it.


–  Take your time to relax

It appears that one of the best things to do in order to reach REM sleep, namely the deeper sleeping phase, is to make an effort to relax and get away from the hectic day just passed. It is a good habit to give yourself at least 90 minutes of relaxation before going to sleep.

–  Pay attention to your bedroom environment

The bedroom environment shouldn’t be underestimated  but it should rather be organized with attention to details, in order to create the ideal sleeping atmosphere. It has to be a calm and positive space, that induces a serene sleeping and hopefully dreaming.

Bruno Zampa Solution

Trying to create a special and personalized room that might represent a delightful escape from the busy lifestyle becomes extremely important. That’s why our designers are at your complete disposal  to renovate and to transform your bedroom into a charming and tranquil refuge. It might be romantic, luxurious  or delicate, it only depends on your personality and wishes.

Custom made approach

Bruno Zampa offers a design team composed by experienced interior designers and technicians, that are able to support you in every single project phase, from the conception to the on-site installation. During the very first steps, the interior designer’s creative skills are at your complete disposal as we consider the listening to the customer’s requests the most important moment of the entire process. Which are his expectations? Which the desires? Which the needs? Our main goal is to realize some proposals that might fully reflect your aspirations, or if necessary that might help you to figure them out.

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We use our knowledge of fabrics and finishes to offer the customer a wide range of samples. Our skilled interior designers are the best support the customers might have when it comes to finding the perfect combinations, always in harmony with Bruno Zampa’s exclusive style.

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This design services and the strong customer-oriented approach, allow Bruno Zampa to increase its ability in managing and customizing worldwide complex projects, positioning as a fully specialized brand in luxury furniture and interior concepts.

Get inspired by Bruno Zampa’s exclusive design

Find the best suited bed according to your personal need, thanks to our ability to customize every single detail and to create a product that is in all effects a unique piece.

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For all those who want a more fashionable concept, we suggest the Ocean Bed, which is one of the masterpieces of our contemporary collection Avantgarde. The bed header’s Capitonné effect and the silk metal details elegantly enrich this particular product. In the Ocean bed everything is designed with a sense of both sobriety and refinement.  All the elements are combined with harmony. The silk metal finishes alternate with the bright polishing of the leathers, which are skillfully quilted and create a sophisticated and modern style.


Another great option is the Juno Bed, the iconic piece of our Remington collection, with its echoes of Art Deco style. This elegant bed is characterized by the Capitonné bed header and the Makassar contour and it is embellished with the creative pattern of the brass decorated  table legs.  Last but not least the bed can be ideally combined with the Clark bedside table.

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In one of our latest project Eternal traces you can finally find the Cleo bed characterized by the sophisticated leather pattern and by the enlarged bed header designed to easily fit the bedside tables.

See Bruno Zampa’s entire bed collection.