To choose the right materials, you need to see and touch them

To choose the right materials, you need to see and touch them


The incomparable Bruno Zampa style is interpreted not only through the wide range of top-quality crafted products, but also through the ability to conceive elegant contemporary décor solutions. An extensive selection of fabrics, leather and materials make up the exclusive collection that allows our Clients and Partners to create highly customized interior design projects, thanks to the useful tools made available to them. Our Partners are highly qualified professionals, experts in Interior Design, which provide a personalized consulting service that is not limited to design, but extends to the creation of an interior design project that pairs the functional aspects of furniture with the choice of the perfect fabrics, finishes and materials.

The exclusive Bruno Zampa selection of fabrics and materials includes a wide range of leather, velvets, bouclé and other textiles making it possible to create upholstery covering that exalt the design and product’s craftsmanship. A range of brilliant and matt finishes, precious marbles and onyxes, metals with elegant finishes are the materials Bruno Zampa prefers in crafting its products. Materials that offer the utmost in quality and at the same time are extremely strong and durable. Our Partners have the freedom to customize every detail, in order to create the perfect contemporary furnishings for their concept.

To choose the right materials, you need to see and touch them.

For this reason, among the new tools available, of interest is the new DESIGNER’S KIT in where Bruno Zampa textiles and materials are collected in one pocket-sized sample collection. Real samples of fabrics and leather can be touched by your hand testing their grains and tones. Finishes, metals, precious stones and special decoration are well represented in order to evaluate colour shades, textures and details. The DESINGER’S KIT includes an exclusive and precious collection that will allow our Customers and Partners to create highly customized interior design projects. With its 21 × 29,7 cm dimension and its smart usability, the DESINGER’S KIT can be taken with you anywhere and anytime having always the material available.

In Bruno Zampa we are focused on Customers and Partners needs offering useful and functional tools in where individual features and beauty of each fabric and material can be fully appreciated. The wide offered selection responds to any design and style projects need, ensuring maximum creativity and customization possibilities.

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