Create a timeless style with a classic contemporary interior design

Create a timeless style with a classic contemporary interior design


Among all styles, contemporary classic decor has great success in the interior design projects of the most elegant and historic houses with classic architectural details. It was born between France and Russia, where classical and neoclassical architectures are widespread.

Classic contemporary interior design style is a skillful and refined mix between minimal chic contemporary furniture and the neoclassical look. These two styles are apparently opposite, that’s why their mix must be well-studied. Architecture plays a huge role: large windows, antique fireplaces and boiserie are a good base from which to start. But it is not easy to create this type of mood: if we have a historical architecture with classic details, interior design and furnishings must be sober and well-balanced.

Classic contemporary interior design style can also be achieved in modern interiors, not necessarily with classic architecture. The key elements to make up a classic contemporary interior are: floors with marble or worked parquet, the nuance choices, use of special decoration on elements, boiserie and decorative frames, soft and luxe curtains, upholstery elements with capitonné decoration, sophisticated pieces of furniture and chandeliers. A classic contemporary home has warming colors and nuances: white, beige, caramel, light blue, antique pink, ivory are the most used shades.

In Bellagio villa, entirely designed by Bruno Zampa, past meets present, representing the most emblematic contemporary classic interior design style. The romantic and amazing villa has been projected to enhance its classical historicity, but with an extremely sober and elegant style. In the small living room with fireplace, the bright wood paneling is enriched by a mirror decorated with golden leaf. King sofas have essential lines enhanced by capitonné backrest and hand-worked metal feet, perfectly in harmony with the style of the environment. The whiteness of the room is enriched not only by details and furnishings, but also by the preciousness of fabrics on upholstery and curtains, with the use of silky, impalpable and light textiles. The result is a refined, airy and light-filled contemporary classic setting.

As already said, a classic contemporary interior design doesn’t necessarily need ancient and classical architectures. In the modern and open-space dining room of an apartment in London, interiors are decorated with precious and sophisticated pieces of furniture, representing the most heritage Bruno Zampa style. Fritz display cabinets, positioned on the decorated door sides, are characterized by rounded and hand-carved legs. The brilliant lacquering and golden details exalt their shapes. In the center of the room, the protagonists are the Manhattan table with the sophisticated Greta chairs: each piece of furniture speaks the same language.

Classic contemporary interior design style involves a very demanding and accurate project work. The wise study of the mix between classic and contemporary is the key for a good result. It is certainly the right choice for those who want to try new ideas, discover new possibilities and create refined and stylish interior design concepts.