wardrobe cabinet

A luxury walk-in closet has to combine comfort, functionality and exclusive style

A luxury walk-in closet is not a female dream only. Today more than ever, men are fashion-conscious and they require spacious and personalized wardrobe spaces. In contemporary furniture, these special areas have therefore become a must-have.
In a luxury villa project, walk-in closets are the rooms that most require a custom-made design in order to guarantee both comfort and functionality. They are not used as wardrobe or dressing room only, but also as relaxing room, where Customers can chill out in a charming atmosphere.
Spaces can be fitted with shelves, hanger rods and special accessories drawers. It is possible to personalize the areas with exclusive pieces of furniture, refined armchairs and sofas, chandeliers and much more, in order to give a personal touch reflecting own style and tastes.
In Bruno Zampa solutions, walk-in closets are always designed to offer wide, airy and sophisticated spaces, but sober at the same time. Walk-in closet interior design usually completes the bedroom area from which it takes up style and nuances, but always keeping its own identity, focusing on a strong personalization based on client’s needs and requests.
In the wardrobe area of a London project, a masculine style emerges from a black & white contrasting nuance. The custom-made round armchairs have drawers on the entire outer body, combining design and functionality. Study of spaces is perfect: shelves allow a pleasant and elegant order; the large sliding mirrors open an elegant and spacious shoe racks.
The bright and romantic walk-in closet, projected in an old villa in Como Lake, is divided in two different spaces for her and for him, leaving to each one freedom to organize the one’s own space. The structure fitted with several storage elements fully satisfies the needs of a dynamic couple. The twin-faced locations are divided by a shoe rack dedicated section, centrally placed. Quilted doors and drawers create a chilling ad relaxing atmosphere; white shades and mirrors help to amplify and illuminate the compartments.
The realization of the perfect walk-in closet requires at first an optimal room partitioning study and a strong attention to personal needs. All essentials elements to realize the Customer’s dream.

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